40 thoughts on “Autoplay blues.”

  1. get ABP plus. it’s fucking free. DONE! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/adblock-plus/ there ya go. Iz you’re a whiney retarded bitch who just got into this site a week ago. I’m not saying I’ve got much right to speak because i’m fairly new here myself. But I love SG for all that it is. including AUTOPLAY. Every once in a while I don’t mind a little autoplay humor(because that’s what it is). And if you can’t see that. FUCK YOU. To everybody else. Thanks for seeing the humor. And thanks Rape for that excellent tip! I think I can make a DJ friend of mine very happy with that.

  2. Well, i have been here for a very long time.  I just recently registered so I could respond to these posts as things have changed.  I have never added anything to this site as I am in awe of the contributers and I don’t seem the have the knack for finding such interesting things to post.

    I too thought the occasional autoplays were interesting and a surprise and also added to the experience. But then it went crazy.  Autoplays were popping in on every page and sometimes there would be more than 1 going at a time.
    IT was just crappy noise then and no longer any fun.
    I like rapewhistle’s idea and keep the autoplays to the comments section.
    I also thank you for the link to the blocker, but I would then have to install yet another browser and another piece of software.  
    Apparently my message of trying to play  nice on a forum with lots of participants is not working….
    As soon as any challenge of any kind is thrown out there it turns into a mud wrestling match.
    I withdraw from such games and you may all consider yourselves winners
    I shall keep my speakers turned off
    you shall be happier now  😉
  3. ouch, this song is so awesome, but very inappropriately applied to the issue of autoplay
    autoplay whining should appropriately be answered with more autoplay
    because that’s how we do

  4. if there is more than one autoplay on a page feel free to pop into chat and give us the links.
    but really,  if something upsets you this much you really should get flashblock.

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