53 thoughts on “Anyone in the Seattle area”

  1. Dude….Seattle….weed….you’re having a problem why?  Do you not like to talk to ANYone around you?  Do you not have a job?  Do you not go to bars, clubs, parks or any other form of area wherehumans interact with each other?

    Seriously, you are either the ugliest, skeeziest or creepiest motherfucker in the world OR you never leave the basement you call a home.  You’re like an hour from Vancouver, this side of the world’s Amsterdam.  You have no street skills if you can’t find weed.  your first priority is to get a job, than you find the guy at work who gets things for people.  There’s always at least one guy who gets things for people, trust me.  Now, you have money and you have a connection.  This connection will suck ass, but it’s a start.  Ask around to other people at work who are “cool” with drugs.  Somebody will know somebody.  Those people will know other people.  Continue until you have connections for everything you want AND keep the connections for everything you don’t want because sooner or later somebody will ask you if you know somebody who can get Oxydiscobiscuitanax-es and you will be able to help that person out. 

    And so on, rinse and repeat.

    Also, don’t ask people online if you can get drugs.  It’s stupid shit like this that makes dumb comps think they outsmart us.  We don’t want any cops getting any pleasure from anything, because they are cops and all cops suck ass.

    Now, post some stuff and be cool and we may even forgive this, but you will forever be known as the guy who showed up asking for weed.  Also, we’re nice, so don’t even ask.

  2. I think after 50 comments that if he doesn’t get it, he’s an absolute fuck cabbage.

    If he does it again, get crossroads to smack him with the banhammer and be done with it.

  3. Never thought I’d break the 50 comment mark so early in my spaceghetto career. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.. and a special thanks goes out to Haterocket for jumpstarting my comments in such a malevolent manner and making my post temporarily infamous, you truly are one of a kind. 

    and 1on1, if you’re out there reading, you’re the man. or woman. 

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