and you all complain about cunty

..people these days.

..people these days.

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26 thoughts on “and you all complain about cunty”

  1. Yano what would be awesome? If it turned out this guys death was a hoax and he shows up in Jesus garb at the protest/funeral and lambasts the wbc picketers.

  2. ^^ oh god yes this. picture it, pallbearers are walking by with casket, held by knoxville, bam, stevo-o, and party boy, etc. the casket opens up with dunn in jesus outfit, he rises from the dead, then they all take turns blowing weird shit out of each other’s assholes onto dunns/jesus’ face, which he wipes off with jesus robe and throws it into protest crowd. they all get picked up in a brand new porche, with a bunch of ski lines attached to the back. they all strip down to banana hammocks and grab a line and get towed on their skateboards off into the sunset.

  3. *YAWN* Same old hate. I can’t believe there hasn’t been one single person with a terminal disease willing to fire a few rounds into these people. I know I would be.

  4. Wow. The guy fucking DIED! Regardless of how sinful a life they believe he lived, these people should at least have a little respect for the mourning families… and they call themselves christians. I am ashamed.

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