And a mere few days later, not a single fuck was given…. ahhhhh….. The death penalty works yet again!



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36 thoughts on “And a mere few days later, not a single fuck was given…. ahhhhh….. The death penalty works yet again!”

  1. Not really. I went to high school with (if I am right) one of his cousins. She was nice as could be. Other than that, I really dont know a lot about it. It all happened years ago. I am 33, but dont really remember it being a big deal at the time. I know the cops in savannah are crooked as shit. A bunch of them got caught selling coke a few years ago. Like 20 officers got busted selling shit loads of that stuff.

  2. I know you dont know me, but please take it from me… its horrid. The downtown area is nice as long as you dont stray a block too far. I am not shitting you, two weeks ago they had 13 murders in 4 days!!! Fucking 13 in 4 days! Everyone hears how pretty downtown is and how its all historic. No one ever hears that Savannah was number 2 on the nations deadliest cities. Also as for it being great if your not black… So not true. If your black is all good. If you are white it fucking sucks. I went to a high school that was 1% white. 1 FUCKING %!!! Just go to Charleston or something. Savannah is good for 1 thing if your a tourist, St Patty’s Day. Go get drunk and try hard to dodge the bullets.

    :: Picks up soap box :: Sorry guys, I was born there and raised there. Its a shitty town.

  3. Hang on before you pick up the ol box!

    I have no doubt that all of what you say is all true.  And it’s true in more places than people want to admit. Like Islamic culture, Black culture will never be changed quickly by outside influence. In actuality, insiders are almost always either proponents or apologists.  Until Blacks (and Muslims) themselves want to adopt a publicly critical stance towards their own culture, they are gonna be stuck with their tires spinning in their own shit.  And everyone else (who isn’t a coward or a Liberal idiot) is standing behind pushing, and getting speckled if not completely drenched.

    Thank you for the box. We now return to our regularly scheduled drivel. 



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