Almost a quarter of a million sessions in 2016

Despite living behind the protection of CloudFlare’s walls what we share here gets seen by a shit tonne of visitors!  Long live Space Ghetto!

We had 2 visitors purportedly from Greenland?!  722 sessions from China but 880 from Egypt…  This shit blows my mind!

Averaged about 1500 separate sessions per day.

Apparently some folks love SG in Bucharest!

Anyway great job y’all!  I hope more of you post in 2017!





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5 thoughts on “Almost a quarter of a million sessions in 2016”

  1. Wow!  Nice stats.  Wouldn’t it be great if just half the visitors per day posted just one picture.  There would be so much content, you wouldn’t be able to view it all, unless you have no life.  I’m sure no one visiting SG fits that description.

    1. In 06 when we were still on LiveJournal it got that way sometimes.  No way to keep up.  Forget to visit for two days and you’d never catch up again.

  2. DW used to have something on how to make a proper post on Space Ghetto.  It would probably be helpful to the people that used to post but don’t know how to operate wordpress very well.  You could stickey it for a week or two to help the folks out.  Possibly sidebar that bastard after the stickey.  I would gladly write it if I knew what I was doing.  I know the last rule should be: Reload Space Ghetto and check the post you just posted to make sure you didn’t fuck it up!  Just a friendly idea.

    1. That’s a point well taken.  Back in the day I had made a FireFox plugin called GhettoBlaster that added a right-click menu item that would take you to the old LiveJournal SG posting form with the image tag already made.

  3. I would love LOVE love to come back. But since the maga blast posts began, it takes for ever to load one post. Maybe if it went back to say 9 pictures post view limit, then a view more button. Us poor people who don’t have access to the high speed access are screwed. The best I can get is 2mb, even when I go somewhere with 30mb to 60mb and it still takes a while for a post to load.
    Ghetto blaster was the shit DRZ wrote that. From what I understood.
    Not a sermon, just a thought.

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