9 thoughts on “A 6.5 rating”

  1. I didn’t think much of it myself. Once the naughtiness factor passes, it starts to feel like more of a hygiene concern than anything else. It also seems like you have to find an ass that’s receptive to the experience. I suppose it’s possible I was doing it wrong, but the asses I’ve eaten provided far less pleasure for their owners than similar endeavors farther north.

      1. sorry to interrupt but why are we rating tossing salad like we’re on imdb

        sorry again, I answered my own question so please disregard

      2. Something like that. I wanted to like it. I wanted them to like it. Didn’t work out that way. If they had responded more positively to it, I probably would have liked it better.

  2. one time during a 69 session I spontaneously rimmed The Lady (short for The Lady in My Life) and her response was OKAYYYYYYY (inflectionwise, it was the exact opposite of a Lil Jon OKAYYYYY. Unless it was a rare dismayed Lil Jon shout, in which case that’s exactly what happened). My response was “it happened and if you’re not into it I’m totally okay with us not doing it again that’s fine because it’s really not my thing so much as a thing which happened.”

    end of story with no ponderous youtube vlog to follow


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