went to put some flowers on the grave of my grandmother Lupita. I stayed at the cemetery till late night contemplating about my troubles. Suddenly some skeletons appeared and invited me to dance with them. I almost fainted of fear. But the skeletons were real gentlemen and hold me. They almost dragged me to their macabre party. I prayed to Saint Michael the Archangel, and he came with his bright sword. The skeletons saw him and ran ashamed and hid themselves in their tombs. I thank for I haven’t gone cuckoo after that.

Traveller in Indian Dress - Circa 1890's

 People in Canoes on River

Rocky River Bed

General View of Chhota Immambara, Lucknow - Circa 1890's

Guinea-Bissau carnival, by Peace on Earth.

Yves Trémorin:

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Romy Alizée:

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