45 thoughts on “4:00 u mad bro?”

  1. This country needs more dedicated crime fighters like this to combat the threat that the dope heads represent. There are people out there smoking marijuana as you read this, and they’ll be doing god only knows what in the next few hours. Eating absurd concoctions involving melted cheese, watching cartoons, giggling uncontrollably, and starting multiple projects in their home while not seeing a single one through to completion.

  2. Meee tooooo. I’ll have the vacuum cleaner out, coffee table cleaned off and half dusted, putting up the new shower curtain and someone will call me. That’s when I grab a beer and go out on the back porch. FFFFUUUUUUU……

  3. Of course I don’t know where this is taking place, but It might just be illegal for the driver to be videotaping his point of view. Also, not much to see,but you seem to be able to hear both sides pretty good. I’m really just amazed that the guy successfully exercised a right that normally gets shit all over.

  4. It may not have been the case when you posted it, but the video description has this paragraph in it:

    *** This video is not fake it was a “prank” the police officers did. I would like to know the police officers names if anyone knows? This happened in West Virginia. Yes it’s a “funny” prank but we need to know why these officers were in uniform and were they on the clock? Why were they using police cars paid for by the taxpayers? Why were they turning on their overhead lights when there’s no real emergency? Were they punished by their department?
    This comment kind of sums up how I felt after reading the above:
    Oh no, two officers screwing around with each other on a late night? FAKE… seriously find another fucking video to post, this just discredits policecrimecom. I mean, do you just sit at home and jack off to stuff like this?I bet your getting off thinking about these guys being fired.How about posting some videos that show a real crime, or something corrupt. Don’t just fish for view’s.. man up and give us a little background policecrimecom? Or are you all nice and secure in your mom’s basement
    twofast4nu 1 day ago

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