44 thoughts on “40 seconds of gore”

  1. With you there. Though I think humane practices would be nice. Every living things dies, quality of life and minimizing pain should be the concern. Compared to some factory farm videos this is nothing.

  2. Fuck you. NO other RELIGION demands the cruelty of it’s practicioners like Islam.  Most Baptists don’t know how their chickens are killed, and only care about how they are fried.  THAT’S the difference, you fucking idiots…. it’s a RELIGIOUSLY COMMANDED BRUTALITY.  You fucksticks are so quick to try and compare Islam to all the other religions.  It a whole different ballgame.



  3. You have made me see these things from a different perspective, and change my brutal habits, imposed by age-old superstition and dogma. In my village, we kill horses as offerings to the gods, in the most inhumane ways, beating them with sticks until they fall to the ground, and sometimes continuing this long after they have expired.

  4. I’m “appalled” by it because it’s an awful fucking thing to see and do. And I really doubt lots of people who eat the hell out of meat wants to see their food slaughtered. But I will go fuck myself, it’s overdue.

  5. The Jews are not a problem for me.  Are they a problem for you?  Do you want me to hate them?  Yes?  Please explain. I’ll listen… No? Then shut the fuck up about the Jews and leave them alone.

    When Muslims do it it is one of the MANY, MANY things about Islam that I disdain. When the Jews do it, it is one of the few, and I chose to ignore it.  By citing Islamic brutality, I chose to start at the top.  Fight the worst first. Islam is, hands down, without question, undeniably, the most savage and barbaric popular *religion* in the world today.  No? 

    If I were a good Christian, I would try to convert or forgive all Muslims.

    If I were a good Muslim, I would try to convert, kill, or enslave all Christians. 

    If I were a good Jew, I wouldn’t care what your religion is, I would eat a knish and offer good advice.

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