2020 State of the Union

First things first- you should go ahead and start accessing SG at


It’s the same site and usernames/passwords.  It seems the registrar is in jail or dead or running with the cash… Anyway on April 16 or 17 we should expect .BIZ to stop showing the site…

Here are some cool numbers from da Google!  These are for the last 365 days where the least number of times per day SG had a visitor was about 491!

March is annual hosting renewal time.  If anyone feels inclines to toss a few coins in the pot to help keep the lights on at SG I would be very grateful!



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4 thoughts on “2020 State of the Union”

  1. I dropped in $20 via the Donate button last week, but I see that the .biz site is the recipient. Are you getting the donation money? Hate to see it tied up with some defunct site we have no access to.

  2. Howdy- it’s all good.  I will update the fund name asap.  Thank you!

    I’m going to write thank you notes.  Crazy here in NOLA right now.

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