21 thoughts on “20 Years”

  1. takes a real tough guy to use his hatred for trump to make a mockery of 3000 plus american deaths.you seem to fail to notice.. he’s no longer in office, but Biden is doing all the stuff you tried to say Trump was going to do. deal with that.

      1. being offensive to be offensive serves no real purpose other then to show all you encounter you don’t offer anything other then the mere fact you have nothing to offer.
        diaper that tough guy.

        1. Sounds like a you problem. Lurk more, cry less. Go pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home from Baby Boohoo Day Care Center if you’re lacking this much skin when no one has yet implied you should go fuck yourself.

          Then, go fuck yourself.

  2. I have to agree with Rapewhistle, if you get offended with anything, maybe Spaceghetto is not the place for you. You really need to be able to handle seeing five pictures of roadkill and a few aborted fetuses without batting an eyelash. Good luck if a picture of Trump being mocked hurts your fee-fees.

      1. could give two shits about the worst part about home alone 2

        proceeds to throw a prolonged hissy fit over one photoshopped picture of the worst part about home alone 2 and the 2nd worst thing to happen to new york

        1. you’ve obviously never been to new york, or know the DJT history there.
          but please sally forth with your ignorance.
          (trump was in the movie for maybe 45 seconds, in a hotel lobby… but do please to show your ass in public and look that much more ignorant)
          yeah hissy fit, typical libtard moron fuck comments.

          1. I don’t give a flying fuck about “answering” your “charges”, Baby Huey. You built your entire personality around a guy whose toupee looks like it should come with a chin strap. By the way, you’re going to have to try a lot harder than that if you’re going to with a mocking nickname for “Rapewhistle”. Or don’t, I don’t give a fuck. Cry about it and drink piss.

    1. Why is it every thin skinned hack tries to come up with a lame twist on “Rapewhistle”? I go by Rapewhistle, that’s where the bar is set. If you can’t even meet the bar, don’t even try! And then they do that shit where they send me multiple messages like they’re my DMs. Nothing says you’re over it like 4 messages in a 3-5 minute period. Meanwhile, if that waiter swings around again I need another set of breadsticks and a house pinot.

      1. not reading your flailing keyboard rants anymore..

        ya got trolled fartpissle.. it genuinely fun making you defend a fucking meme.

        how’s that ass feeling, by now you realize you just got me all up in it.. guess that makes you mah bitch now. so don’t drop the soap.. nothing but love and I mean BUTT love.
        gads you leftards are easy to tweak,
        seeya around bunky

        1. So let me see if I have this straight: you’re no longer reading my replies, which is obvious because I wasn’t even talking to you in that one. Once again you come up with a lazy portmanteau of my name, deny this entire thing is because you through a big baby boohoo fit over a single harmless and not particularly edgy Photoshop edit, and then prove I live rent free in my head by disclosing your elaborate cornholing fantasies. Mhm.

          I’ve been here since Roy would post 9/11 shit year round. No one cares about your triggered snowflake sensitivity. No one cares about your garbage politics or that your entire identity is built around a man who’s the Platonic ideal of a villain in an 80’s ski comedy, complete with a mouth that looks like an orangutan’s butthole. Do you see anyone else getting offended by the posted content of others? No? Then act like the silent majority you think you are and shut your fuck. I’m goofing on how obviously upset you get over a 20 year old event and a man who sits in a chair like someone who definitely wears diapers. I can see why you’re so eager to die on this hill defending him, but hey. At least you’re dead. Good day to you, sir.

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