61 thoughts on “15,000 dogs slaughtered for canine food festival in Yulin, China”

  1. Why the fuck are you allowed to post animal brutality and not animal beastiality? I’m in no way a beastiality advocate but shit man, I bet a dog has 100000000 times more pleasure fucking a woman or man than getting treated like a slave and then cooked and eaten!!! This post is despicable.  

  2. you do realize that gore gets posted on this board right? and that westerners have a strangely specific aversion to sexual things but not so much violent things? welcome to obama’s america

  3. yeah man I know gore gets posted on here im not a fuckin retard. I also know that if theres one video of a cat getting “picked on” or abused that it gets removed.. Dogs deserve the same respect… Dogs. 

    edit: now that I think about it that cat vid was just for shits and giggles and this post is more of a informational photojournalistic type thing. But still. I GET EMOTIONAL! POOR PUPS :((((((((((((((
  4. Fuck ’em, in India they get pissed when they see pics of us slaughtering cattle (holy animal in India). In Thailand their diet consists more of insects than it does animal protein. And in most of Latin America they eat these guys:

    One of which I own as a pet.

  5. there’s nothing being done in these we don’t do to other animals all over the globe.. except for being a little filthier. that’s what happens before you eat any meat product

  6. You all need to get some fucking perspective. Go to a slaughter house sometime. That gray meat-like patty nestled on bun of bleached “bread” was made in a process that’s easily as disgusting as anything here – you’re just used to your own life and haven’t thought about what it’s like anywhere else.

  7. Um. I can’t believe I have to say this, but that part was a joke: it was completely unrelated to the rest of the post and the thread in its entirety, and Obama has never (afaik) said anything about dogs other than that he has one.

  8. it’s just different perspective…meat is meat, i get that.  but in the western world we tend to view dogs and cats as our friends, companions, and even family members.  whereas cows and pigs are primarily viewed as meat and leather.  you could go waaay back and look at why certain animals were domesticated in the first place…i haven’t done my research, but i’m going to guess that dogs were NOT originally domesticated as a source of food.  plus, asians have no souls so nothing bothers them.  if it moves, they’ll eat it and think nothing of it.

  9. Using carnivores as a source of meat is incredibly inefficient for one thing. The fact that dogs have been bred for the purpose of being companions to humans and that they acively seek out our affection makes them easier to empathise with.

  10. Well the “Humane” Society just ups and destroys them if they cant find someone to adopt the strays/rescues withing a week to a month depending on their facility population. At least if you used the remnants to do something good like feed the homeless it would be less senseless.

  11. well, then i’ll open up spay and neuter clinics everywhere. you don’t have to eat and kill pets when they over populate. there are other ways to handle things.

  12. thats why i will have a puppy play land.. and plus, we are talking about make believe money.. so in my dream, fuck the homless.. animals can’t go out and get a job.

  13. i have tried it. nothing special. tasted like beef, sorta-kinda.  but in china, or at least beijing where i lived, dog was expensive. like $5 US, which is like 5 meals. actually i have eaten meals for less than a quarter. this was in the mid 90s  and things aint so cheap today.

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