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  1. yeah yeah. Celts vs. the Goths until the Celts were pushed into America and then we went back and knocked German’s teeth out. We kill people, and so does everyone else. The irish have always been the hardest working people willing to work on the skyscrapers. He’s a dude who uses his whiteness to sell hate rhetoric about a past he doesn’t fully read to darker colored people in the guise of an abolitionist and specialist in a quasi history. Levees destroyed the marshes which destroyed the echo system. Sorry but black gangs from the New Orleans area went into Houston, Jacksonville Florida, and many other cities and raised the murder and rape rates to the point where it was unlivable without bankrupting the cities with full time police officers. 504 get it how you live it did more damage to the new orleans area and the cities they moved into than any white supremicist has done in the past 50 years. You can’t run a society with a prison system, nor a welfare state which feeds it.


    The point here is that low wage jobs overseas are not regulated nor are the workers protected. Americans will have to compete on one or two levels. Political pressure to make regulation competitive or to be willing to work for 50 cents an hour again.

  2. Or be willing once more to give their lives to secure the lives of their family and themselves. Which is what Unions did when they first started.

  3. The underlying issue beneath all of it is simply this: It takes too much money to get elected and because of that all of our elected (Dem’s to) officials are now beholden to corporate interests because without gobs of fucking cash there is no way to run. And because of that we the people don’t really have a government that is truly looking out for us. If there is one thing we could get done that would have the biggest bang for the buck so to speak it would be that.

  4. Right there with you. Got a degree in Automotive, Diesel and Industrial Technologies. After six months of searching I got a job at a dealership in the parts department, 60 miles away from my house, moved back in with Ma and Pa, working 14 hour days and making a whopping $8.00 an hour plus a commission check on the 15th of each month that is usually 400 bucks.

     I was in the service department for 2 years here making $21.00/ flat rate which is horse shit right now because there is just no work to be done. Flat rate blows dogs for quarters. Say a job came in that pays 6 hours and I get it done in 2, I’ll still get paid 6 hours and can take another job. If it pays 6 hours and takes 8 well then i’m fucked out of those two hours. If there’s no work in the shop then you’re not making anything. 
    The other horse shit I’ve noticed here in parts is that the rich, well off fleets and customers get a huge discount on parts and services compared to Joe Blow random customer who pays full list for parts and service. That shit needs to end.

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