1, 2 or 3 ?




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  1. All y’all are idiots.

    Numba 2 is your best bet for a good lap in the sack. Number two moves and smiles like she fucks.

    Fuckers who turn their noses at fake tits need to get the fuck off the compeeudy and into a bar, you are FUCKING not BETROTHING. Yes its a turn off, but you are putting the forest before the trees here, pobres tarados.

    se nota que no tienen mucha cancha
    salgan, cachen, y despues hablamos. 

  2. I posit that if we were to actually and objectively consider and enumerate the parameters to which you’ve placed that judgement upon me, and then honestly, and sincerely apply the same upon yourself, that your shit filled beating hollow would cry out for nothing but self-directed reproductive abstinence, lest hypocrisy also run in that pathetic pedestrian piss pool of waste that you call a gene pool.

  3. 3 if they are real. 1 if not. I know the lady in 2. She does some nice porn and likes the butt stuff so if just for a single fuck I’d get down with that freak.

  4. How anyone finds a pair of plastic balls placed under the skin attractive, I’ll never know. 
    It’s sort of akin to a bald guy wearing a really obvious toupee.

  5. Depends on how much the insecure girl paid for them and how big she went.  Lots of money, one cup size/slightly fuller, can barely tell.  Most girls who get em are going for the cheap “stripper special” and jumping 2-3 cup sizes.  These look like shit (oh, look, antigravity titties!) and feel like somebody shoved a jelly filled water balloon under the skin, which is now hard and stretched way too tight. 

    I know a burlesque dancer who got a boob job just to give her already hourglass figure a slight bump into the more Bettie Page variety, and she looks great.  I heard from another friend/dancer that they feel great as well, and the friend HATES implants with a fiery passion.  Unfortunately, I am not on the list to feel for myself.  So, yes, you’re sort of right in a 1 out of 10 women get decent implants.  Most are just poor, insecure girls who want a better money inflow from stripping, whoring or sitting at the shishi bar and trying to get a Sugar Daddy.

    My opinion does not include people who get them because of cancer or other medical issues, because those people are in a whole other category than what any of us are discussing today. 

  6. Don’t know the flick but that’S Rio Hamasaki up there.

    These boobs are even better:
    I often wonder how’s that flawless natural boobs are most often Asian.

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