Secret Santa offre

So I came home today and there was a package from France.
the package

Since I do not read French, I was at a loss as to how to open the package.
 photo 20160113_161251.jpg

It looks like there was some damage. The picture of a train got wrecked.
 photo 20160113_161305.jpg

Laid out, mysterious wrappings.
 photo 20160113_161339.jpg

A black wrapped box, quite heavy for it’s size. Not ticking – a good sign.
 photo 20160113_161515.jpg

Pierres’ whisky. He may be pissed that I have it now.
 photo 6dbf6d8e-bec9-4860-846f-b70857169a1d.jpg

WHOA Score! Literally rocks for mine bourbon. You freeze these, then put them in your glass under bourbon (or what ever) and it keeps/makes the drink cold without diluting.
 photo 20160113_161655.jpg

Nicely bubble wrapped AND tissued was this. Armagnac (brandy). It says “hors d’ age” out of age, and I dont quite understand it, but I think I may go to jail if I try to enjoy her.
 photo 20160113_162302.jpg

Here is a real puzzle. The picture of this out of the box does not look good, so here it is in the box.
 photo 20160113_161900.jpg

And last but not least is this lil guy:
 photo 20160113_161848.jpg
I think this is the Bored Gargoyle of Notre Dame I hope that they dont notice that I have it now.

Thank you Benoit (Trollilol) for being a great great Secret Santa.
When you come to Vegas, hit me up.

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