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  1. That’s just old timey parenting. When I was a kid nobody would think twice if they heard a guy beat his kid with a belt for disobedience. It is unusual to do it to a girl that age though. 

  2. I would very much like to rape this man in front of his friends and family. IT was very bold of her to post this video, and I’m glad she did. And it’s not like she’s just some dumb ass piece of shit redneck baby maker. Check this out….

  3. That is not a spankin’ that is a whipping on the scale of she should’ve been saying her name was fucking Toby and she was a good nigger. A smack on the ass once is all I’ll give a parent with a unruley child thats all they need not a fucking doubled over raw hide belt. If that girl were to kill him in his sleep I’d set her god damn free after a year at an institution for the criminally insane.

  4. Just a note here guys, this shit seems pretty recent. I’m not sure what exactly is in the works but this shit happened in 2007 and she just started posting it up a week ago. Hopefully we’ll start hearing more about it in the news (if only to distract from the OWS bullshit) and I for one am hoping that she’s pressing charges against this half-eaten pile of worm ridden dogshit that just so happens to share her bloodline. I hope he gets taken out in fron of the courthouse and skinned alive with a cat’o’nine-tails for this atrocity. Also, according to the link description this poor girl has something to the effect of ataxic cerebral palsy meaning that her brain is wired a bit differently. This “judge” physically, verbally – and I wouldn’t doubt sexually – abused his special needs daughter, his own flesh and blood, in the name of god and his ass backwards lifestyle.

    I’ll drive him to hell myself!  >:(

  5. she posted it on /pol/ on 4chan and they told her to post it on /b/ and reddit, so of course, someone stole the idea and did it for her.
    and from there, it spread like wildfire.

  6. the sweet sweet sound 

    of a child in pain

    brought about 

    by the use of a cane

    I want to hear 

    that sound again

    so I’ll thrash the little fuckers

    to death.

  7. when i seen this on youtube after the OP there were only 312 viewers. now there are close to 900000 and a repost on here. this judge is fucked. he fucked himself. if he presided over any child abuses cases they should be reopened and looked at closely.

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