24 thoughts on “OMFG”

  1. I’d have to agree with that last statement.  This is still fucking vile though.  Makes me want to look at a compliation of cuntys’s posts for an hour to clean off.

  2. Those kids are scared man i dont give a shit about this sick fuck they should rip his cock off and make a fucking toy out of it so that can children can play with it…no wait

  3. things are different with minors who have limited cognitive abilities, under developed social senses, and no way of consent. Go ahead and coerce some kiddies into your van, then coerce their cloths off. See how far that argument gets you in court.

  4. i agree with this, i know about child grooming and the tactics pedos employ. But speaking purely on the above video – he doesnt go further than a kiss. Its not like hes asking them to take their clothes off.. either way its a very different world today and that would be intollerable.

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