OC: PhosFord wanted to see our socks. Let’s see ’em SG!

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101 thoughts on “OC: PhosFord wanted to see our socks. Let’s see ’em SG!”

  1. so my office at work has no heat, so I wear thigh high socks now every day. I don’t really think it’d be a great idea to post that. So I’ll just say they are super duper cute and be done with it. 

  2. well this is awkward, you changed your comment haha.

    I ask because my friend is Swedish and he doesn’t grow a lick of hair anywhere (besides head and eyebrows.
  3. It’s okay. We understand, and that’s what’s important. 

    Yeah, my mum is pretty dirty on me about it. She’s pretty furry, yet Dad (who she can’t stand) isn’t. Dude can’t even grow a beard. What some men take a couple of days to grow, he takes a couple of weeks. It’s funny. We’re a bit special like that. 
  4. Okay…. I’m retarded…. tonight though, I promise I will send you a recording. To be honest I’ve been fretting over what to send, where and how to host it, and even more importantly, if I trust you or anyone else enough.   I’ve copied some stuff from some CDs and I’m gonna see if I can attach a .wav to a message to you right now.  If not you may need to figure out a way for me to get it to you.  BTW, what kind of music do you like?  I’ve worked on a lot of different styles.   Nothing too modern though, remember, I’m a human dinosaur.

  5. haha nope! I’m in my underwear! Boxer briefs these are. Normally don’t wear these at all cause they’re not really comfortable. But I put ’em on for this post

  6. We talked about it, but the ‘Ghetto is a team experience, a real relationship builder. Good ol S_G, bringing hearts closer together! (seriously, I’ve told her she should have her own.) Yet I don’t mind a divergent persona here…

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