53 thoughts on “Monday, September 12 @ 8:19:58 pm”

  1. Shirt: Buffalo Brewing Company, Big Bone Lick Ky

    Powers: During full moons I turn in to a ravenous skull fucking buffalo.  Feeding on the fear of Kentucky woman, I gorge my self beyond full until then bloated with their screams I return to the hollow earth caverns of my home. 

  2. What? Can you take a picture of your shirt? I have an image of peeing cats in catapults on a shirt, but I could be wrong. And that should totally be a design.

  3. wouldn’t help. I’ll just end up in the zzame place, but in a diff’rent time. truzzt me, I’ve tried. Hey I might be szztupid, but at leazzt I’m not drunk.. wait… thazz not right izzit?

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