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  1. I’m not ignorant to poverty and famine. It’s just I don’t think those are things to feel sad about. If anything you should feel angry or motivated to do something about it. sadness only brings people down and is not a good motivator.

  2. I was thinking about this video guy’s type of ignorance, I didn’t elaborate. The guy is (intentionally) totally awkward in everything he does, to the point it’s creepy. Can’t socialize, talks very weird, irrelevant stuff while being unable to cut vegetables like a normal person would. Can’t walk without bumping on furniture, can’t v-log, can’t do anything right, he’s a complete disaster. I find it similar to the latest Jim Carrey vlogging attempt, where he intends to be funny, but it turns out to be creepy, really.

    Their ignorance is that they don’t even care they’re awkward and don’t bother to change it. He won’t even take the right knife, he won’t make a scene double, and so on, and so on; it’s like being ignorant about being depressed and ignoring the fact that it makes the status quo even worse.
    Of course it’s intended for the laughs of it and the guy isn’t really that fucked up and that alone. 
    And if anyone of us is ignorant in this case, it’s me, because I don’t feel sad for not simulating, real guys awkward like that, they only make me think they’re creeps. I’m like
    “Get your shit together, man”.

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