43 thoughts on “Australia – Socialist Wasteland”

  1. I almost caught a working ship to oz in 86 when I was in Vancouver for expo…I often wonder where my life would have gone in the red dirt rather than the snowy north.Even at that young age I already had marketable mining experience.

  2. I’m aiming to emigrate myself for a few years, and I have to say out of all the places I’ve looked at Australia seems to be ‘it’ right now. People I know who have gone over ahead of me keep singing it’s praises, whereever they wind up (Brisbane, Sydney, Perth). For whatever problems it has, it does seem to be a land of opportunity at the moment, more so than the US, and has weathered the global downturn quite well. 
    Just a few months left while I wind down business at home and pull the money together for flights+some rent, then I start looking for a 457 visa sponsor. Wish me luck.
  3. I’ve always wanted to move to Australia. I’ve heard that you have to move to NZ first, for about a year before they’ll let you in the country. Any truth in this? I work in I.T. but I don’t know much about the market over there.

    I got nothing keeping me in Kentucky anyways. 
  4. destroy all your paperwork, and leave from jakarta. 

    boat arrivals get free cigarettes, internet and healthcare. emigrating through the normal channels sucks hobo wang.

  5. i’ve often wondered what’s worse, chavs or bogans. being a large country, our white trash are free range and probably more vicious. i vote we start sending back bogans to counter your islamic influx. 

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