Ladies Night mix #22


Giselle Gabrielle : Preamble
Sun’s Signature : Apples
Citron Citron : La Nuit Galope
Badge Époque Ensemble : All Same 2 Each, Each Same 2 All
Carpenters : We’ve Only Just Begun (Groovefunkel Remix)
Dana Gillespie : Dead
Bonfire Hill : January
Romare : Walking In The Rain
Horsegirl : The Guitar is Dead 3
SuperJazzClub : Back to Kids
Mary Halvorson : Amaryllis
Gloria Thomas : I AM
Saya Gray : Found a Floorboard Under The Soil!

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Silly project

Using an AI with Stable Diffusion 1.5 I wanted to see what sorts of images it might make feeding it esoteric ethnic groups but otherwise keeping the prompt the same.  All of the following images we generated with the prompt

ultra sharp, highly detailed, highest quality, horny, nude woman, pudgy, full body, touching her hairy vulva, beautiful, [ethnic group or nationality here], full body, explicit, sharp focus, 8k

I have used Canadian (lol), Dogon, Albanian, Kenyan, Nigerian, Dogon, Banjara, Israeli, Navaho, Maori, Inca, Dutch, Norwegian, Scandinavian, Afro-Russian, German, Greek, Saudi, Bedouin, Peruvian, Yanomami, and so many more…  I went on for an unreasonable amount of time…





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